About us

Our History

One of Megmilk Snow Brand’s predecessors was the Hokkaido Cooperative Creamery Association, which was created as a producers’ organization with the aim of saving dairy farming in Hokkaido, where the region faced predicaments brought on by food policies following the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Inheriting the pioneering spirit of those who strove to create a new foundation for dairy farming through the strength of cooperation, we have been involved in Japan’s dairy farming industry for over 90 years.

Our Business Model

Dairy farmers and the milk industry walk hand in hand. The main products of the Megmilk Snow Brand Group are milk and dairy products.
The role of the Megmilk Snow Brand Group is to take milk from dairy cattle painstakingly grown by dairy farmers and procured via fair milk trade and process it into various products to add value before delivering these products to consumers.

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