Core fields of research

Aiming to continuously create new value for milk, we conduct research in fields that enable us to reflect delicious taste and health functions in our products. Below is an introduction to some of our research segments.

Health function segment​

Striving to develop products unique to Megmilk Snow Brand that enable us to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of customer health, we conduct research related to the health functions of milk and lactic acid bacteria.

Food processing segment​

We conduct research delving into the health functions of the proteins, fats, and sugars that comprise milk. We conduct research to identify the relationship between the structures, flavors, and textures of food created through the processing of food components.

Technology development segment ​

To deliver the delicious taste of milk to our customers, we pursue technology development related to processing technology that applies flavor analysis and equipment analysis results towards taking advantage of the delicious taste of milk and designing new containers and packaging.