Approach to animal welfare

Ethical considerations for animal experiments

We do not conduct or outsource animal experiments, excluding cases where there is a legal obligation or where we are required based on instructions or directives from the governments or relevant authorities of the respective countries.
When conducting animal experiments, in accordance with the “Standards for Care and Management of Laboratory Animals and Alleviation of Pain” based on the “Act on Welfare and Management of Animals” as well as the guidelines of the Science Council of Japan and The Japanese Association of Laboratory Animal Facilities of National University Corporations, we have adopted the 3R principles (Replacement (use of alternative methods), Reduction (use of fewer animals), and Refinement (alleviation of pain)) and test plans are formulated with maximum consideration for minimizing pain on the requisite minimum number of animals, with respect for the lives of the animals and taking into consideration animal welfare. These plans have been ensured by the Animal Care and Use Committee created within the company. In addition, we will carry out self-inspection so that we observe compliance with laws, guidelines, and breeding and management of laboratory animals.
In order to ensure the objectivity of the above initiative, we have acquired third-party accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care and Use from the Japan Health Sciences Foundation.