Beverages and Desserts

The business sector for products such as milk, milk beverages, yogurt, juices, and desserts. With a vast product line, we deliver nutrition and enrichment to the dietary lifestyles of our customers.

Propelled by growing consumer health consciousness, megumi Gasseri SP Strain Yogurt is driving sales with the drinkable type performing particularly well. We expect continued growth for yogurt and we will work to develop yogurt products into a profit pillar.

Main products

Milk and milk beverages, yogurt, fruit juice and vegetable juice, soft drinks, desserts, etc.


Milk and Dairy Beverages

We offer a broad lineup of products such as fresh and delicious Megmilk Snow Brand milk and functional milk beverages.


We offer variety of yogurt products, including the Megumi series featuring probiotic Lactobacillus gasseri SP., which was developed in Japan.

Juice and Other Beverages

Our lineup offers a variety of beverages rich in flavor, including soft drinks, coffees, and teas.


Our lineup of delicious dessert products shows our dedication to texture, flavor of milk, etc.


Our creams are the best for confectioneries and cuisine, as well as in coffee.