Material Issues

[Basic approach]

  • Grounded in compliance*1, engage in activities with highest priority on securing product and service safety (quality assurance).
  • Focus on all stakeholders, including customers and consumers, and conduct operations that reflect social conscious.
  • Designate our core issue (materiality) and work towards resolving social issues in order to achieve a sustainable society.

*1.Compliance includes legal compliance as well as adherence to internal and societal rules, and adherence to the ethical values of society.

DomainMaterial IssuesCore Activity ThemeKPI (Key Performance Indicator)
Food and Health

Milk for Contributions to Food and Health


Providing safe products and
• By fiscal 2022, 75% or more of the food facilities in and outside Japan that manufacture
Megmilk Snow Brand products will be certified under an international food safety scheme (such as FSSC or SQF) recognized by GFSI, and thereafter continuing efforts will be made toincrease GFSI certifications. (G)
• Train certified sensory evaluation technicians with the ability to evaluate flavor (number of certified sensory evaluation technicians: 110% or more compared to fiscal 2017 levels)
Contributing to extending
healthy life expectancy
• Carry out research and development, product development, service provision and information transmission to contribute to the extension of healthy lives through milk (G)
• Carry out food education activities based on the key theme of contributing to the extension of healthy lives and aim for an average of 45,000 participants every year in fiscal 2019-2026
Dairy Farming

Contributing to Sustainable Dairy Farming

Working to strengthen the dairy farming production platform• Provide administrative and technical support for sustainable dairy farm management through operational support for Rakuseiken and the activities of the Research & Development Center for Dairy Farming (G)

Reducing Environmental Impact

Preventing global warming• Reduce CO2 emissions by 30% from the fiscal 2013 level by fiscal 2030
Sustainably using resources• Make sure that all paper used is made of 100% eco-friendly materials by fiscal 2022
• Procure 100% certified palm oil by fiscal 2026
• Reduce plastic use and reuse resources by developing and using eco-friendly packaging and containers (quantitative targets will be set by the end of fiscal 2020)
Building a recycling-based society• Take the following steps to address waste: 1 Cut waste generation by 30% from the fiscal 2013 levels by fiscal 2030 2 Raise the waste recycling rate to 98% or more by fiscal 2030 3 Raise the food waste recycling rate to 95% or more by fiscal 2019
• Pursue eco-friendly product development (extend the expiration date on existing and new products, and actively promote the labeling of the month and year for expiration dates)
• Promote the effective use of water resources (quantitative targets will be set by the end of fiscal 2020)
People and Society

Realization of a Diverse and Motivating Workplace

Diversifying and developing human resources• Increase the share of management positions held by women to 10% or more by fiscal 2025
Achieving work-life balance and improving labor productivity• Obtain METI recognition under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

Contributing to Local Communities

Partnering with local communities• Work with the community to help resolve social issues (G)

“(G)” indicates a KPI for the Megmilk Snow Brand Group; other KPIs are for Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. only.


SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. These are international goals for the realization of a sustainable society adopted at the September 2015 UN Summit and aim to resolve social issues such as poverty, starvation, and gender inequality. Embracing the goal of ending starvation and malnutrition by 2030 and pursuing a sustainable future, the SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.
The Megmilk Snow Brand Group will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by shifting our thinking from a corporate-centric focus to a focus on resolving social issues. With this in mind, we display the SDG logo with each of our activities.