Disclosure Policy

Basic policy on information disclosure

We practice transparent management by disclosing accurate information in a timely manner in order to obtain the trust of our customers, consumers, shareholders and all other stakeholders.

Methods of information disclosure

Disclosure of material information that is subject to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) rules on timely disclosure is published in accordance with such rules on the Timely Disclosure Network (T-Dnet) system provided by TSE. The same materials are then published subsequently on this website.
In addition, we make efforts to publish as much information as possible, even if it is not subject to the TSE regulations on timely disclosure.

Information on this website

Although our company has taken great care in posting information and materials on this website, our company does not guarantee the accuracy of the content posted on the website because there is the possibility of incorrect information or malicious tampering by a third party. Our company also cannot assume any responsibility for any problems resulting from downloading of data. The content of the website is also subject to being changed or deleted without advance notice.

Disclaimer on solicitation of investments

The content of this website provides information about our business and financial conditions and is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the Group. It is not intended as a solicitation of investments. We assume no responsibility in the event that any damages are incurred based on this information. Please make decisions about investments in accordance with your own judgment.

Forward-looking statements

Information on this website may include forward-looking statements based on the information available to our company at the time of disclosure. Actual performance may differ significantly as a result of various risks and uncertain factors.