This segment centers on powdered milk including infant formula and functional food products developed from research into expanding the value of milk. Our functional food products are mainly products containing the milk protein MBP®, which Megmilk Snow Brand discovered as a component in milk that is beneficial to bone density.

This business responds to increasing health awareness across a wide range of age groups and is expected to see significant growth in the future.

Main products

Powdered milk including infant formula, functional foods, etc.


Powdered milk including infant formula

Bean Stalk Snow Co., Ltd. heads up operations for products such as powdered milk. Products offered include infant formula Sukoyaka M1, a product developed after more than 50 years of research related to breastmilk.

Functional foods

We sell products enriched with the functional components of milk such as MBP®, which Megmilk Snow Brand discovered after many years of research. We offer protein, calcium, and various other supplements, including Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) Mainichi Hone Care MBP®, the only product in Japan that can claim to increase bone density.