Corporate Brand Logo

“Snow Milk Crown”

Meaning of Corporate Logo

The company logo symbolizes the harmony of snow and milk. It combines the soft contour of the milk crown, the sharp crystal of a snowflake, and the Polar Star. The hexagonal soft contour in milk-white is taken from the milk crown, symbolizing the milk that is about to leap out.

The soft shaded appearance of the milk crown expresses the tenderness, rich nutrition, encompassing capacity, reliability, and underlying potential of milk. The sharp snowflake inside the milk crown expresses Megmilk Snow Brand’s excellent technology, expertise, preciseness, and trust, symbolizing our challenging spirit towards innovation.

Our new Snow Milk Crown logo combines two elements–the soft milk crown that implies tenderness, richness, deliciousness, and potential–and the sharp snowflake that implies delicacy, preciseness, and trust. It demonstrates our strong expectations for the vast potential of milk together with our strong enthusiasm for challenges. The logo symbolizes the values that Megmilk Snow Brand Group will continue to pursue and provide consumers.