Megmilk Snow Brand Group Corporate philosophy

Our mission

The Megmilk Snow Brand Group strives to fulfill our three missions and create new values for milk in order to exist as a company that contributes to society.

Our corporate philosophy consists of our mission and our corporate slogan,“Make the Future with Milk”.

Focus on consumers

The Megmilk Snow Brand Group fully recognizes the importance of the concepts of consumer rights and business responsibilities as outlined in the Basic Consumer Act. Our fundamental stance is to practice consumer-focused business operation, which includes:

Contribute to dairy farming production

The Megmilk Snow Brand Group is based on Japan’s dairy farming industry. As trusted partners of dairy producers, we work to strengthen relationships and meet the expectations of producers by conveying the value of milk. And by developing new demand for milk and dairy products, we will strengthen the foundation of domestic dairy farming production and contribute to its sustainable development.

Put our hearts into milk

The Megmilk Snow Brand Group believes there is vast potential for milk. By focusing on and remaining dedicated to milk, we will expand the potential of milk, increase the value of milk, and promote milk throughout the world.

Corporate slogan

Make the Future with Milk