Megmilk Snow Brand Group Procurement Policy

Megmilk Snow Brand applies our Group corporate philosophy and the Megmilk Snow Brand Group Sustainability Policy to take a leading role in working with business partners to promote socially responsible procurement activities and contribute to the realization of an enriched and sustainable society.

  1. Legal compliance and respect for social norms
    • Conduct procurement activities that adhere to the relevant laws and respect the social norms of relevant countries.
    • Conduct socially responsible procurement activities, including respecting basic human rights and working to improve the labor environment.
  2. Ensure quality and safety
    • Conduct procurement activities that ensure high-quality and safety of our products.
    • Conduct procurement activities that enable us to supply products at stable and appropriate pricing.
  3. Conduct fair trade
    • Conduct fair trades with business partners.
    • Appropriately manage personal information and confidential information related to procurement transactions.
  4. Environmental consciousness
    • Dairy farming, the foundation of our business, is only possible with a vast natural environment. To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, respect biodiversity and conduct environmentally conscious procurement activities.

Fundamental concept to the use of paper

With respect to the use of paper, whenever possible Megmilk Snow Brand prioritizes the use of sustainable products or the use of recycled paper, and we are gradually promoting the shift to these products. We are applying this philosophy to not only the paper containers and cardboard packing boxes we use for our products, but also printing paper, printed matter, and storefront promotional papers.
In accordance with our fundamental concept to the use of paper, for a portion of our packaging Megmilk Snow Brand uses paper from forests that are appropriately managed by an inspection agency and paper certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), which supports sustainable forestry by inspecting and validating forestry, distribution, and processing businesses and issues a proprietary certification mark to certified businesses.

Membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Palm oil is an oil extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree and has seen a rapid increase in demand in recent years. As a result, plantation development has taken place on a large scale in Malaysia and Indonesia. This development has resulted to the illegal deforestation and burning of tropical rain forests, and also gave way to plantation labor issues, including the problem of child labor.
The dramatic increase in palm oil production is causing serious social and environmental problems. To address these problems, the RSPO was established as a certification organization in 2004. Supporting the mission to strive for healthy palm oil industry development, Megmilk Snow Brand joined the RSPO in July 2018.