Megmilk Snow Brand Group CSR Policy

All of us in the Megmilk Snow Brand Group pursue CSR management as outlined below in order to achieve sustainable growth together with society through its business activities, in line with the Megmilk Snow Brand Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.
This is intended to achieve the Megmilk Snow Brand Group Corporate Philosophy.


We identify CSR material issues and designate specific targets, while also regularly disclosing the status of our initiatives.

Process for Identifying CSR Material Issues


The CSR Committee and Company Environment Committee meet regularly to establish plans for initiatives related to CSR management, confirm progress with KPI and pursue CSR management on an ongoing basis by using the PDCA cycle.


CSR leaders are assigned to the Megmilk Snow Brand divisions and Group companies, and CSR Group activities in which all employees participate are held to ensure thorough compliance and resolve CSR material issues.


In order to ensure compliance and resolve social issues for the future, and based on our regret for the incidents caused by the Megmilk Snow Brand Group in the past, activities are carried out with the participation of all employees twice yearly in which participants reaffirm their responsibility in handling food and pledge to fulfill this responsibility.


The Code of Conduct has been established within each Group company and efforts have been made to ensure familiarity with these standards in order to translate the Megmilk Snow Brand Group Charter of Corporate Behavior into action.