Contributing to local community

Contributing to local community

The Megmilk Snow Brand Group interacts and partners with our local community through our business activities to promote harmony with people and society, and to contribute to the local community.

Hokkaido Comprehensive Partnership Agreement

Megmilk Snow Brand, Snow Brand Seeds, and Snow Brand Parlor concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Hokkaido Prefecture to apply technology cultivated through dairy product production towards economic stimulation for Hokkaido Prefecture.

Specific initiatives

Labor productivity improvements and workstyle reform

  1. Initiatives related to stimulating dairy farming
    • Technology support related to environmentally conscious dairy farming
    • Supporting dissemination of cheese manufacturing technology
  2. Initiatives related to food safety and reliability, producer/consumer partnerships*
    • Technical support related to clean agriculture
    • Support for initiatives related to food safety and reliability for Hokkaido produce
  3. Initiatives related to childcare and health
    • Support for local activities related to childcare
    • Support related to food education and health
    • Support related to sports promotion
  4. Initiatives concerning promoting attractive Hokkaido tourism
    • Support related to flower tourism
    • World Heritage Sites
    • Promotions related to Hokkaido Heritage
    • Hokkaido tourism PR at the Megmilk Snow Brand Museum
  5. Other initiatives deemed necessary
    • Environmental initiatives
    • Disaster prevention initiatives
    • Cooperation with Hokkaido PR activities

*Local consumers and producers cooperate on the consumption and utilization of local resources and produce to increase regional recycling (flow of people, things, money) and help stimulate the local economy.

Participation and sponsorship of educational projects

In July and August, Megmilk Snow Brand dispatched Milk Science Research Institute staff to Shibecha High School and Hokkaido Toyotomi High School to conduct special classes on cheese as part of our human resource development project, a project sponsored by the Hokkaido Government Board of Education. Students who took the course then participated in a cheesemaking workshop to further their understanding of cheese and dairy products.

Sapporo Urban Development Partner Treaty

In March 2012, Sapporo City and Megmilk Snow Brand signed a Sapporo Urban Development Partner Treaty. Megmilk Snow Brand donates to the Support Hotto Fund based on the number of visitors to the Megmilk Snow Brand Museum to support activities supporting healthy childrearing. In FY2017, we donated 10 yen for each person who visited the Megmilk Snow Brand Museum. We received a letter of thanks from Sapporo Deputy Mayor Kishi.

Disaster response

Vending machines with disaster response

SI System Corporation has installed 19 vending machines with disaster response in their joint distribution center. Vending machines are equipped with functions that allow people to remove products with a simple operation so that beverages can be distributed to nearby companies and residents even in the event of a power outage due to a disaster or other emergency situation.

Mutual plant cooperation in the event of a large-scale disaster

The Kobe Plant, Nagoya Plant, Ebina Plant, Nakashibetsu Plant have signed agreements with nearby districts. In the event of a large-scale disaster, communities and plants will mutually cooperate to provide evacuation sites and material assistance in order to reduce the impact of a disaster.

Everything for our customers (Snow Brand Kodomo-no-Kuni Ranch)

Under the corporate philosophy of responding to the needs of all our customers, Snow Brand Kodomo-no-Kuni Ranch learned how to respond to persons with disabilities. We received the cooperation of the Kanagawa Independent Living Center to hold an employee workshop in October. The workshop was led by two instructors who have physical disabilities. The instructors provided a talk on persons with disabilities and guidance on how to interact and care for persons with disabilities. Following the workshop, we worked to create a more enjoyable and pleasant work environment but considering how we respond to persons with disabilities, proactively speaking with people with disabilities, and making improvements such as barrier free renovations. In December, employees who know sign language served as instructors for sign language workshops during meetings by each section.

Plant open house day (Megmilk Snow Brand Fukuoka Plant)

In June, Megmilk Snow Brand celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Fukuoka Office by holding an open house for the Fukuoka Plant. The event welcomed over 700 visitors, from families with children to senior citizens. The event featured a plant tour, product tastings and sales, a butter-making workshop, a bone density measurement event, sports and food education, a ski team talk event, and more. The event was an opportunity to increase understanding of the Megmilk Snow Brand and helped develop relations with the community.

Sports promotion

At Megmilk Snow Brand, we contribute to society by supporting sports with a focus on our Megmilk Snow Brand Ski Team. In August, we held a Sports and Food event at the Megmilk Snow Brand Museum. This summer project is participated in by elementary school students and their parents. The Megmilk Snow Brand Ski Team cooperated by providing an exhibition of skis they used in games and gold medals won during the Olympics. Team members also introduced the Megmilk Snow Brand Ski Team and the sport of ski jumping to convey the joy of sports. They also explain the importance of children maintaining balanced nutrition. In January, we sponsored the 59th Snow Brand Megmilk Cup Ski Jumping, which gathered skis jumpers from all over Japan. To promote sports outside of skiing and to support healthy development, in May we sponsored the 30th Soccer Magazine Megmilk Cup Ladies Championship 2017.