ESG Data

  • *The scope of data collection is Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd. only, unless otherwise mentioned.
  • *The data may be adjusted retroactively.


Policy and Certification

Environmental PolicyYes
Megmilk Snow Brand environmental policy
Third-Party  Certification SitesISO14001
55 sites (Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd., Yatsugatake Milk Co., Ltd., Ibaraku Co., Ltd., Michinoku Milk Co., Ltd.)
Green Management
11 sites (Chokuhan Haisou Co., Ltd.)
Electricity Used (Company’s Total)Millions of kWh236238234
Electricity Used (Plants’ Total)Millions of kWh207207203
Fuel Used (Crude Oil Equivalent, Company’s Total)kl54,80053,50053,000
Fuel Used (Crude Oil Equivalent, Plants’ Total)kl54,20053,00052,500
Plants’ Fuel Used per Unit (Production Weight per Unit)l / t535353
[CO2 ]Unit201620172018
CO2 Emissions (Company’s Total) ten thousands
 of tons
Scope1*ten thousands
 of tons
Scope2*ten thousands
 of tons
CO2 Emissions (Plants’ Total) ten thousands
 of tons
Plants’ CO2 Emissions per Unit (Production Weight per Unit)t-CO/ t0.2350.2180.216
Scope3*ten thousands
 of tons
(Category1) Purchased goods and servicesten thousands
 of tons
(Category2) Capital goodsten thousands
 of tons
(Category3) Fuel- and energy-related activities
 (not included in Scope 1 or 2)
ten thousands
 of tons
(Category4) Upstream transportaion and distributionten thousands
 of tons
(Category5) Waste generated in operationsten thousands
 of tons
(Category6) Business travelten thousands
 of tons
(Category7) Employee commutingten thousands
 of tons
(Category8) Upstream leased assetsten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category9) Downstream transportaion and distributionten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category10) Processing of sold productsten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category11) Use of sold productsten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category12) End-of-life treatment of sold productsten thousands
 of tons
(Category13) Downstream leased assetsten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category14) Franchisesten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated
(Category15) Investmentsten thousands
 of tons
  Not calculated

※Scope1,2,3: Global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, developed by the GHG Protocol.
Scope1:Direct greenhouse gas emissions by the reporting company itself.(eg. fuel combustion, industrial process)
Scope2:Indirect emissions from the use of electricity,heat,or stream supplied by others.
Scope3:All other indirect emissions that occur in the reporting company’s value chain(15 categories)


Water UsedThousands of m311,50011,40011,100
WastewaterThousands of m310,50010,50010,400
[Recycling-Based Society] 201620172018
Raw Materials Usedt1,187,2001,185,4801,166,400
Raw Milkt1,006,0001,001,000984,000
Oils and Fatst19,70019,00018,200
Milk-Derived Raw Materialst41,50046,60044,700
Other Raw Materialst54,30053,10052,700
Resources for Packaging Used (Paper, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, etc.)t65,70065,78066,800
Waste (incl. General Waste from Business Activities/
Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)
Waste (Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)t20,38718,56119,046
Amount of Recycled Waste
  (Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)
% of Recycled Waste
(Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)
Food Waste (Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)t3,8683,9155,103
Amount of Recycled Food Waste
  (Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)
% of Recycled Food Waste
  (Excluding the Head Office and Sales Offices)
[Environmental Audit and Education] 201620172018
Environmental AuditSites756669
% of Participants in e-learning Course %100.0100.0100.0
[Environmental Law Violation] 201620172018
Number of Incidents of Environmental Non-ComplianceViolations000
Total Cost of Incidents of Environmental Non-ComplianceYen000


Policy and Certification

Procurement PolicyYes 
Megmilk Snow Brand Procurement Policy
(In Japanese)
Third-Party Certification of Food SecurityFSSC22000
19 Plants (Megmilk Snow Brand Co., Ltd., Kohnan Oils and Fats Mfg. Co., Ltd., and PT. Megmilk Snow Brand Indonesia)
METI Recognition under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition ProgramNo
Third-Party Certification of Animal ExperimentYes
Ethical considerations for animal experiments
[Employees] 201620172018
Number of EmployeesPersons3,0333,1323,142
Female share of Total Workforce%14.014.314.6
Average Age of EmployeesAge39.740.940.0
Average Years of EmploymentYears13.714.214.8
Number of Newly Hired Employees
(New Graduates only)
Number of Females in Management PositionsPersons182224
% of Females in Management Positions%
Personnel Turnover Rate of Newly Hired
Employees within Three Years
Paid Maternity LeavePersons486671
% of Employees Taking Paid Maternity Leave%30.952.050.0
% of Six Months Tenure after Maternity Leave%97.0100.0100.0
Shortened Working HoursPersons374051
Care LeavePersons6631
% of Disabled in Workforce%1.922.091.96
% of Rehired Staff After Retirement
(Of the Applicants)
% of Employees Unionized%99.699.699.6
Hours of Overtime Work
 (Average per Month)(Compared to Normal Working Hours)
% of Annual Paid Leave Taken%59.867.475.5
[Work-Related Injury] 201620172018
Frequency Rate
(Total Number of Work-Related Injury Accidents ÷ Total Working Hours × 1,000,000)
Severity Rate
(Total Number of Days Lost due to Work-Related Accidents ÷ Total Working Hours × 1,000)
[Health] 201620172018
% of Employees That Have Undergone Routine Health Checkup%100.0100.0100.0
% of Employees That Have Undergone Stress Check%86.985.981.8
[Education] 201620172018
% of Participation in CSR Group Activities (Actual Participation)%
Certified Sensory Evaluation Technicians with the Ability to Evaluate FlavorPersons1,1351,2921,274
[Communication with Customers and Consumers] 201620172018
Food Education Activities ParticipantsPersons42,71541,16242,605
Plant Tours ParticipantsPersons71,34867,00169,065
[Complaints] 201620172018
Number of Comments Received from CustomersComments69,75865,73461,729
Of These, Number of ComplaintsComplaints8,3227,1856,108
  Production RelatedDamage During ShipmentUnclear
Breakdown of Complaint Causes for Inspected Products
(FY 2018)
[Procurement] 201620172018
% of Paper Made of Eco-Friendly Materials Used
(Scope of Data Collection: Paper Packaging and Cardboard)
% of Certified Palm Oil Used%


Form of OrganizationCompany with Audit and Supervisory Committee
Accounting AuditorDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
Anti-Takeover MeasuresYes
Whistleblowing SystemYes(Internal Whistleblowing Hotline “the Megmilk Snow Brand Hotline”,
and an External Hotline (Attorney) for External Whistleblowing Consultations)
[Board of Directors and Audit and Supervisory Committee]October 1st. 2019
Number of Directors (incl. Audit and Supervisory Committee Members)Members  9
Outside Directors Members  3
Female DirectorMembers  1
Number of Executive OfficersMembers             16
*Of them, 2 persons concurrently serve as directors.
Number of Audit and Supervisory Committee Members who Concurrently Serve as DirectorsMembers  3
Outside MembersMembers  2
[Number of Meetings]   2018
Number of Board MeetingsTimes  18
Board Meetings Attendance%  100.0
Number of Audit and Supervisory Committee MeetingsTimes  23
Audit and Supervisory Committee Meetings Attendance%  97.1
[IR Activities] 201620172018
Results Briefings for Investors and AnalystsTimes222
Small MeetingsTimes121111
Of these, with Attendance of the PresidentTimes022
One-on-One MeetingsTimes134111130
One-on-One Meetings in the Conference Held by Securities CompanyTimes222
Facility Tours (Plants etc.)Times100
Briefings for Personal InvestorsTimes554
[Compliance] 201620172018
Product Recovery with AnnouncementIncidents000
[Whistleblowing] 201620172018
Number of Whistleblowing (Boundary: Megmilk Snow Brand Group Total (Japan) )Matters323432