Megmilk Snow Brand Group BMS (Breastmilk Substitutes) Marketing Policy

1. Foreword

At Megmilk Snow Brand Group, we have continued to engage in the research of breastmilk for as long as over half a century based on our idea that “breastmilk is the very best nourishment for babies.” In Japan, having performed surveys on breastmilk on a nationwide scale a total of three times between 1960 and today, we have widely made research presentations on the latest associated findings. In addition to analyses of the components of breastmilk, we have conducted surveys and research on areas such as the effects of breastmilk, baby stools and mothers’ diets, and have incorporated the results into childrearing-related products by the Megmilk Snow Brand Group. Through these activities, we contribute to the ability of infants around the world to healthily develop with the most suitable food products.

2. Our Basic Approach

At Megmilk Snow Brand Group, we recognize the importance of the BMS International Marketing Code set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the resolutions on infant feeding set forth by the World Health Assembly (WHA), and support the principles behind them.

3. Action Guidelines

  1. We will engage in responsible marketing activities that enable all infants to healthily develop with the most suitable nutrition.

  2. We will endeavor to promote breast-feeding and will not engage in any marketing activities for BMS that suggest that artificial suckling using BMS is superior or equivalent to breast-feeding.

  3. We will not engage in any advertising or publicity for infant formula that is aimed at the general public.

  4. We will indicate the superiority of breastmilk using simple, highly visible and easy-to-understand forms of presentation on package labels for BMS. We shall include explanations on adequate milk preparation and warnings on the harm that inadequate milk preparation causes to health, and will not use any forms of presentation that serve to impede breast-feeding by containing illustrations or text that idealize our products.

  5. We will provide health professionals with information on BMS that is scientific, objective, and based on evidence.

  6. We will follow the standards recognized in the countries and regions where we engage in business and comply with all applicable laws and ordinances.

  7. We will respect the public health policies, standards and rules formulated by the governments of each country that are suitable for that country’s social framework. 

  8. We will not engage in any advertising or publicity in Higher Risk Countries* for BMS intended for babies from 0 months to less than 12 months of age.

4. Scope of Application

This Marketing Policy will be applied to all associated employees in the Megmilk Snow Brand Group in all countries and regions where the Group is engaged in business.

*Higher Risk Countries are listed in Appendix A of the document located at the below website.

Established in November 2021