Philosophy of Intellectual Property and Promotion of R&D Capabilities

Basic Approach to Intellectual Property Policy

  • We objectively analyze our company’s strengths and create value by utilizing the technological capabilities and knowledge cultivated through research and development, and strategically obtain patent rights of our unique technology.
  • We will improve brand value and prevent damage and dilution through strategic application of trademarks.
  • We will ensure the freedom of research and business activities by avoiding infringement of the intellectual property rights of other companies and/or invalidating the patents of other companies.
  • We will increase the value and profitability of business activities in the dairy products business, beverages and desserts business, nutrition business, etc and reduce risks that could adversely affect our business performance and establish a solid revenue base.
  • Protect products and our own technologies in multiple ways with multiple types of intellectual property rights such as patent rights, design rights, and trademark rights.

Measures to promote R&D capabilities

Measures to promote R&D capabilities In order to strengthen our research and development capabilities, we have established an “invention compensation system” for inventors such as patents, and have established the “Research and Development Division Award” to honor those who have contributed to business achievements and progress. We also conduct in-house training on patents and trademarks for the purpose of creating and utilizing intellectual property and respecting the intellectual property rights of other companies.