Our Business

The business activity of Megmilk Snow Brand Group covers the following four business domains.

  • Dairy Products

    We produce and sell dairy products (cheese, butter, powdered milk, etc.), edible oil products (margarine, etc.), and childcare products (infant formula, etc.).

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    "Dairy Products"

  • Beverages and Desserts

    We produce and sell beverages (milk, juice drinks, etc.), yogurt, desserts, cream, etc.

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    "Beverages and Desserts"

  • Feedstuffs and Seed products

    • We produce and sell cattle feed, pasture grass/forage crop seed, vegetable seed, etc.
      Snow Brand Seed Co., Ltd. leads our efforts to develop our dairy stock raising, dry field farming/horticultural agriculture, and environmental greening businesses, so as to support environmentally-conscious agriculture.

  • International Business

    • Our aim is "To contribute to Asia through milk, spreading the value of milk throughout the world,” and as such we are developing our nutrition and functional food products, centering on infant fomula, in the countries of Asia. We are taking up the dairy products business, where our strength lies, as a new challenge.

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