CSR Policy and Core CSR Issue (Materiality)

CSR Policy

In accordance with our corporate philosophy*1, we promote operations that through our business activities support sustainable development for our company and society.

[Basic approach]

Grounded in compliance*2, engage in activities with highest priority on securing product and service safety (quality assurance).
Focus on all stakeholders, including customers and consumers, and conduct operations that reflect social conscious.
Designate our core CSR issue (materiality) and work towards resolving social issues in order to achieve a sustainable society.

*1.Megmilk Snow Brand Corporate Philosophy: Focus on consumers, contribute to dairy farming production, and put our hearts into milk. Our corporate slogan is, “Make the future with milk”.
*2.Compliance includes legal compliance as well as adherence to internal and societal rules, and adherence to the ethical values of society.

Core CSR Issue (materiality)

CSR domain Core CSR Issue (materiality) Core activity theme
Food and health
Milk for contributions to food and health
Providing safe products and services
Contributing to extending healthy life expectancy
Dairy farming
Contributing to sustainable dairy farming
Activities to strengthen the dairy farming production platform
Reducing environmental load
Preventing global warming
Sustainable use of resources
Formation of a recycling-based society
People and society
Realization of a diverse and motivating workplace
Human resource diversification and development
Achieve work-life balance and improve labor productivity
Contributing to local community
Partnerships with local community


SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. These are international goals for the realization of a sustainable society adopted at the September 2015 UN Summit and aim to resolve social issues such as poverty, starvation, and gender inequality. Embracing the goal of ending starvation and malnutrition by 2030 and pursuing a sustainable future, the SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.
The Megmilk Snow Brand Group will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by shifting our thinking from a corporate-centric focus to a focus on resolving social issues. With this in mind, we display the SDG logo with each of our activities.