Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Basic Approach

1. Our basic policy is to enhance our corporate value by ensuring transparency in management, strengthening oversight functions from outside the company, and establishing a management structure that can respond swiftly to changes in the market.

2. We have adopted a structure as a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee in order to strengthen the oversight functions of the Board of Directors and to improve flexibility in the execution of business.

3. We have furthermore established the Corporate Ethics Committee comprising external experts, representatives from the Company’s labor union, and internal committee members, and request that the Committee provide verification and proposals with regard to overall management as the Company’s “outside eyes”.

Our Mission

Megmilk Snow Brand Group is on a threefold mission to: 1) Focus on consumers, 2) Contribute to dairy farming production, and 3) Put our hearts into milk. By pursuing our threefold mission while endowing milk with new value, Megmilk Snow Brand Group aims to continually contribute to a flourishing society.

Corporate Slogan

Make the future with Milk

Megmilk Snow Brand Governance Organization Chart