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Providing safe and reliable products

Delivering safe and reliable products

Every member of the Megmilk Snow Brand Group is engaged in quality assurance action to ensure provide safe and reliable products. Our Quality Assurance Committee, which is chaired by the President, sets quality targets at every stage, from product development through procurement, production, distribution, sales and customer communications in pursuit of quality satisfaction.
The Quality Assurance Committee determines the quality targets, after which it monitors and evaluates the degree of achievement and looks into any quality issues.

Yukijirushi Hokkaido 100 Sakeru (string) cheese: From creation through delivery

Yukijirushi Hokkaido 100 Sakeru

Introducing our products’ charms to wide customers

Yukijirushi Hokkaido 100 Sakeru (string) cheese is fun to peel and eat as well as beloved for its mild, milky flavor and caracteristic mouthfeel, resulting in growing sales for years.
We began production of the Sakeru cheese at the Taiki plant, so that more people would know its attractiveness.
Large numbers of staff worked in unison, conducting repeated trial productions until they achieved the texture everyone currently loves.
(Dairy Foods Marketing Dept.)

Yukijirushi Hokkaido 100 Sakeru


We want more people to experience the fun and texture

We launched a technical development project aimed at bring the flavor and “stringy” fun of Sakeru (string) cheese to more people. The project brought together specialists from each specialty, who worked day by day to improve upon the Sakeru (string) cheese-making skills we had developed for over 30 years.
(Cheese Lab)


For the improvement of raw milk quality

The Tokachi Milk Procurement Office joins with the Tokachi Region Hokkaido Dairy Farmers and related organizations (such as the JA Zen-Noh) to provide guidance on awareness patrols, hygiene controls, milking methods, etc. so as to promote raw milk production history record-keeping and prevent accidental contamination with antibiotics. Through these efforts we improve the quality of Hokkaido milk, which is already considered to be one of the world’s highest quality milk, and ensure that the raw milk received by the cheese factory is both safe and reliable.
(Dairy Dept., Tokachi Milk Procurement Office)

Raw Milk Quality Improvement

For ingredients and packaging material that support safety and reliability

The Purchasing Department contributes to the delivery of safe, reliable products.
One way they do so is through the stable procurement of safe and secure ingredients that meet the quality standards of the MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Quality Assurance System (MSQS). It also contributes to environmental conservation by actively selecting lighter, more environmentally-friendly materials.
(Purchasing Department)

Ingredient and Packaging Material Procurement

Ingredient and Packaging Material Procurement

Thorough quality and hygiene controls

Workers in every section of the Taiki plant conduct their operations steadily while applying thorough quality and hygiene controls so as to deliver the high-quality cheese.
(Taiki plant)

Thorough quality and hygiene controls


Strict inspection system to ensure safety, reliability, and good flavor.

In addition to product safety and ingredients, Quality Control Sec. inspects Sakeru (string) cheese about more than 20 items, including microorganism, texture, and packaging.
Inspection includes not only the product itself, but also the level of hygiene of production areas and ingredient equipment, the cleanliness of the air in the plant, and other categories.
The Quality Control section assumes the utmost responsibility for guaranteeing the safety, reliability and flavor of Sakeru (string) cheese to our customers when it conducts the final shipping inspection.
(Taiki plant)

Inspection and shipping

Optimal shipping and storage system for delivering safety, reliability and good flavor

Product shipped from the plant is temporarily stored in a warehouse before being sent by truck to retail outlets.
Our Logistics Department teams up with shippers and warehouse operators in continuously working to provide sufficient quality in distribution to ensure delivery of a safe and reliable products.
Product shipping and storage temperature standards are established in accordance with characteristics. In the case of Sakeru (string) cheese, warehouse temperatures are kept in a range of 1-5 °C at 70% humidity, while the standard temperature for shipping containers is below10 °C.
(Logistics Department)


For customer satisfaction

As part of our drive to provide products to our customers we ourselves launched efforts to learn even more about our products. We invited specialists from within the company to conduct imitable-production to learn the mechanism for making cheese from milk and find out why Sakeru (string) cheese tears. In this way we ourselves can gain a deeper understanding of our products, so we can recommend it to customers with confidence.
(Kyushu Regional Sales Office)


Putting customer opinions to work in making our products

The Customer Center takes a lot of opinions from customers about our products.
These opinions are of use to us in a variety of processes, from R&D through production, distribution and sales.
(Customer Relations Center)

Consumption (Customer Relations Center)

We reflect customers’ opinions into product development