About Us

Corporate philosophy of Megmilk Snow Brand Group

Megmilk Snow Brand's corporate philosophy consists of our missions and corporate slogan.

  • (1) Focus on consumers

    Megmilk Snow Brand Group will fully observe the "rights of consumers" and the "obligations of business operators" established under the Basic Consumer Act, and will focus business on consumers based on the following objectives:

    • ◇ Provide safe and reliable products and services
    • ◇ Openly share information wherever possible
    • ◇ Listen to consumers and apply their needs to business management
    • ◇ Establish a risk management system to cope with unexpected events promptly and properly
  • (2) Contribute to dairy farming production

    Megmilk Snow Brand Group is based on Japan's dairy farming industry. As a partner of the producers of this industry, we will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust with them and reflect their passions by propagating the value of milk to the society. We will also strive to create more demands for milk and dairy products to strengthen the foundation of Japan's dairy farming industry and contribute to its constant growth.

  • (3) Put our hearts into milk

    Megmilk Snow Brand Group believes there is vast potential for milk to do more. By always looking into milk, we will "deepen,'' "strengthen" and "expand" that potential and value of milk.

Corporate slogan