Our Business

Dairy Products

  • butter

    We began producing and selling butter in 1925. We will continue to deliver unchanging flavor and new value in our butter products.

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  • margarine

    We deliver rich-tasting, melt-in-the-mouth margarine products to tables throughout Japan using dairy product manufacturing technology.

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  • Processed Cheese

    We began producing and selling cheese in 1933. Our unchanging goal since then has been to manufacture processed cheese that suits the Japanese palate.

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  • Natural Cheese

    We make Hokkaido camembert and string cheese (Sakeru cheese). We will continue to use our traditional techniques and product development efforts to deliver tasty products.

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  • Condensed and Skim Milk

    Condensed milk and low-fat, high-protein skim milk made from fresh Hokkaido milk are familiar products that offer both health and good taste.

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